Kaipalaoa at Hilo Bay

Uncle Steve Coffee, science teacher, did a bio-accumulation lesson to Hilo Bay at Kaipalaoa so students could experience the flow of rubbish from their campus, down Waianuenue Avenue, how it piles up in Wailuku River and eventually accumulates in Hilo Bay.  They gathered rubbish at Kaipalaoa, tallied,categorized and created data of the trash using bar graphs.  They, then, made inferences about bio-accumulation in Wailuku River and Hilo Bay and how their school is a source of this trash.  Students could see how they, being a part of Hilo community, have negatively impacted Hilo Bay.  They vowed to be more mindful about trash they make, where they put it and to share this message with their peers.   The students also felt more connected to Hilo Bay, its sea life and the people who eat from these waters of Wailuku River and Hilo Bay.  Enjoy the video highlights.

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